How can I keep my health safe during a flood?

what to do if your basement floods

Because floods can possibly accelerate the spread of water- and vector-borne illnesses such as typhoid fever, cholera, malaria, and yellow fever, among others, it is critical to understand your risk and safeguard your water sources. The most prevalent problems connected with floods are the pollution of drinking-water facilities and standing water, which may be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, a source of chemical hazards, and a source of injury. Every person living in flood areas need to know more about protecting their house also they must surf for flooded basement cleanup. Protect your health during a flood by doing the following:

  • Knowing your community’s evacuation route and warning signs, as well as identifying regions prone to floods or landslides, is essential. All drinking and food preparation water should be chlorinated or boiled. The most essential preventative step to be performed following floods is to ensure continuous supply of clean drinking water in order to limit the danger of epidemics of water-borne infections.
  • Promoting safe food preparation processes and appropriate hygiene practices: Flood water should not be used to wash dishes, brush teeth, or wash and prepare meals. If you have come into touch with floodwater, always wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Avoiding walking or driving through flooded or standing water regions: Even a tiny amount of water might pose major problems. You have no idea if electrical cables have fallen into the water or if dangerous substances are present. During a flood, cars and people can be easily carried away.

basement is flooding what to do

  • Any food that has come into touch with floodwater should be discarded: If your food has come into contact with floodwater, it is unsafe to eat and increases your risk of contracting water-borne infections.
  • Cleaning your home safely comes into contact with floodwater: Items that cannot be washed or disinfected with bleach, such as pillows and mattresses, should be discarded. Soap and water, as well as bleach, should be used to clean all walls, floors, and other surfaces. As cleaning is important one need to take care and clean their house to do so they can even surf in internet for flooded basement cleanup
  • Keep mosquitos at bay: If you live in an area with stagnant or standing water, use mosquito repellent as directed on the box and apply it to your clothing or skin. Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants, and sleep with mosquito netting over your head.