Materialistic things are more preferred than the things which are “required” at the moment. The part of the human brain has Oxytocin and Dopamine hormones, which is also called happy hormone, which realizes when something makes us happy. Buying something new and creating a change in the lifestyle can resolve day-to-day problems. It’s an activity that is loved by everyone, buying new items resolves conflicts and establishes stronger bonds with our loved ones.

Festivals are beautiful moments where we buy new things to create new beginnings. India is known for its diversity, and the diversification of the shopping materials differs from occasion to occasion when we celebrate Diwali we shop for sweets, gold, and other big items and on the occasion of Holi, we buy colors. On Raksha Bandhan, we shop for Rakhi and sweets. Shopping constructs excitement and enthusiasm into all festivals and occasions.

Smart Shopping

The face of shopping has widely changed. In early times, shopping was not easy; people plan to buy something new for their family, and there were small shops in the remote area where people used to travel all along from their residences. But now the time has changed. Since the year 1995, people have been surfing the products on online mode, Amazon was the first company in India that started the expansion of its business online. It’s all about one click which made the work easier we can order anything anywhere at any time. Everything has its drawbacks and window shopping has the biggest drawback is the “source”, from which the product is delivered is sometimes not trustworthy, and secondly, we can see through the quality, and we all quality what matters the most when buying the product. The crimes on the dark fraud web have also increased nowadays. We also came across many cases in the news where we got to know that people got bamboozled only by the eye-catching presentations of the product that they see. When the pandemic shook everyone stepped towards the online world, which did change the lives of many people but it was reported that The report came on Monday from the business sector talked “the online scams in India was reported 74% as compared to the year 2020 which was 78%”. This is also a serious issue to face by the people and should be aware of.