Can CBD oil ease the pain of arthritis?

CBD oil for pain

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil may help treat arthritis, according to certain research. What are the advantages of CBD oil, and should users be aware of possible negative effects before using it?

Cannabis plant extracts are present in CBD oil for pain. Some people take it to treat chronic pain caused by illnesses like arthritis.

This article examines the supporting scientific data for the advantages, applications, and negative effects of CBD oil. The effectiveness of it as a treatment for chronic pain and arthritis will also be covered.

Describe CBD oil

Cannabis plant extract, or CBD oil, is an oil. Contrary to other cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it does not cause the euphoric “high” that cannabis use is typically associated with. This is so because CBD does not have the same effects on the body’s receptors as THC does.

The amount of CBD in the various CBD oil products that are on the market can differ.

Contradictory evidence exists regarding the medicinal use of goods made from cannabis plant ingredients, despite the fact that many people use cannabis as a recreational drug. Numerous CBD products are also subject to rigorous legal review.

arthritic pain alleviation with CBD oil

With 58.5 million Americans affected, arthritis is the main cause of disability in the country.

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are two of the most prevalent kinds of arthritis.

When a person has rheumatoid arthritis, their immune system assaults their joints and causes inflammation. It frequently results in painful, swollen, and stiff joints in the hands and feet.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that damages the bones and cartilage in the joints, making them painful and inflexible. The hip, knee, and thumb joints are frequently affected.

CBD oil and persistent pain

CBD and other cannabinoids interact with bodily pain and inflammation-related receptors. Scientists hypothesize that CBD alters how these receptors react to messages, potentially reducing pain and inflammation.

According to the National Centers for Complementary and Integrative Health (Reliable Source), CBD or cannabis oil may offer only minor relief from chronic pain.

Neuropathic, or pain caused by the nerves, has been the focus of much of the CBD research for chronic pain. For instance, a 2017 review discovered that CBD reduced human chronic neuropathic pain.

As a pain reliever for arthritis, CBD oil has potential. It might lessen inflammation and pain if it has the effect that researchers think it will on immune system and brain receptors.

As there are limitations on the use and study of cannabis, there is little evidence from human studies to support the advantages of CBD oil. Research is advancing and showing promising results as the drug is made legal in more and more places.